A Bit Of Bling For My Girlfriends Birthday

cv-2503770014When I asked my girlfriend (a friend who is a girl) what she wanted for her birthday she told me anything gold would do, so I took her at her word and got her a fun little toy for her to play with! – I bought the awesome Golden Rocks Off RO120 Vibrator over at SexToys247 – my local adult toys store after watching this great video presentation.

Don’t worry, I’m not stupid I didn’t just get her a golden vibrator, it was also backed up with gold earrings, a gold bracelet, and a gold necklace. I’ll tell you, she’s worn the jewelry a couple of times, but from what she told me she played with her new golden vibe more times than she can count – haha.

I found this Rocks Off Tattoo RO-160mm – If You Love Me, over at a local sex shop, and though I’m no sex toy expert, I found the prices to be extremely reasonable. After unwrapping all of her jewelry my GF came to this small little package and had quite a surprise when she opened it up. After a good laugh at my version of something gold we decided to end our night by making use of her new toy.

It was surprisingly powerful seeing as how it barely made any noise, and I love trailing it over her body and watching her reaction. I’m quite sure it has been used many times while I have been out of the house, and I definitely feel I got more for my money than I did with the earrings, bracelets, or necklace. Though of course if she hadn’t gotten the jewelry and just a sex toy I would be in the doghouse right now, however she is thoroughly enjoying her new toy and so am I.

Funny, but true – thanks Macy Gray! – http://themuse.jezebel.com/macy-gray-loves-her-vibrator-so-much-that-she-wrote-a-s-1720590352
Fun Facts about vibrators – http://www.mtv.com/news/2077664/vibrator-facts/