Busting Myths Related to Dating Girls


Food-For-Thought-Sex-Spirituality-Views-On-The-@EssenceMag-Single-Sexy-Saved-Article-Men have spent their entire lives trying to figure out the workings behind women’s mind. While dating girls, they often look for tried and tested rules which can be easily applied to all women. This is something completely wrong. There are many myths associated with the practice of dating girls. We’ll bust some of them in this short article.

All women are the same – Wrong, wrong, wrong! Women are as unique as their fingerprints. No two women can have exactly the same likes and dislikes. And no single rule can be termed as applicable to all women. This notion stems from men’s unwillingness in making special efforts for their women. You cannot avoid the process of understanding a woman and making her feel above the others.

Women are obsessive about perfection – That is a very heartless assumption. If you go about dating women with this kind of mindset, you will always feel pressurised and eventually end up nowhere. The reality is, women love men who are self-confident regardless of their flaws. All you need to have is a certain degree of balanced confidence to leave a lasting impression on a girl.

Women are complex and mysterious – This notion brings about a lot of negativity and quickly segments women in a category which just cannot be understood. Women are extra sensitive and are always longing for love, the reason why they come up with all sorts of assumptions and tests to find out just the right men who’ll remain loyal to them. However, once a girl has fallen for you, she’ll no longer appear mysterious or complex to you.

Most women are bedroom shy – This one makes me laugh. Think of all the woman who talk openly about their sex toys at parties. The truth is that woman love a man who can please her, and if the man doesn’t please her then most woman don’t  feel comfortable saying something out of fear of offending him. A sure fire way to a womans heart is to bring in a vibrator or cockring to the bedroom – she will appreciate the gesture.