Crucial Mistakes All Men Make While Picking up Girls

Chicago-DatingGirls are quite complicated and it isn’t easy to pick them up. This is also the reason why a large majority of men make critical mistakes whenever they try initiating a conversation with them. Through this short article, I’ll help you learn about some of these mistakes and how you can stop yourself from making them.

Lack of confidence – The first mistake most men make is that they act with complete lack of confidence whenever they approach a woman. Women have a knack of making out whether a man is confident about his abilities or not. Hence, make sure that you’ve worked well on your approach, talking and presentation skills prior to going ahead and making that first move.

Thinking too much – This is another major mistake men make while trying to impress women. They ponder too much over the possible consequences and think about all the silly questions and scenarios that may possibly arise. Eventually, they make it extremely hard on themselves and fail miserably.

Instead of pondering over the possible outcomes and the questions, I recommend that you just go ahead and make your move without thinking about the consequences. All you need to do is walk up to her and give it your best shot. Doing so in itself is going to make you win half the battle. It takes balls to walk up to a random girl and try picking her up.

Getting discouraged by rejections – Never allow the fear of rejection pull you back. If you give into this fear you’ll never be able to make that first move. Rather, treat rejections as springboards to success.