Four Foods You Need In Your Freezer

freezer-tipsWhile fresh food is best, sometimes after  a tiring day at the office the last thing you want to do is cook up dinner. So instead of hitting your local Chinese restaurant why not reach for some frozen freshness out of your own fridge. Not only will it save you loads of money – but it is a much healthier alternative.

Here are some foods you need in your freezer:

 Homemade Pasta Sauce:

Make a batch on Sunday afternoon and store in containers, ensuring that you leave a little space at the top for where the food expands.

Very Ripe Bananas:

Perfect for an after workout protein smoothie, make sure you peel them before freezing. Blend frozen banana with skim milk and soy-protein powder.

Pizza Dough:

Don’t waste hard earned money on greasy pizza delivery – make your own in about ten minutes. Roll in a ball enough dough for one pizza and then wrap in cling wrap and freeze. The dough thaws quickly at room temperature. Simply roll out, top with favourite toppings and pop  in a 400°F oven until hot, then cut and serve.

Vegetable Protein Burgers:

For a super quick and healthy comfort meal, defrost some veggie patties, cook them in a cast-iron skillet, slide them between a whole-wheat hamburger roll and pile on the lettuce, beetroot, cucumber and tomato.

You can freeze a myriad of foods from cake, cheese, bacon, berries, soups, stock, sauces and bread. To avoid freezer burn make sure you wrap well, freeze in store portions and freeze no longer than three months.

The best way to defrost your frozen food is to put it in the fridge overnight