How To Avoid Work Out Burnout

BurnoutEvery six months or so my fitness craze workmate asks me to enter some sort of endurance event with him – the most recent was the Northface 100km endurance run through the Blue Mountains. Last night, he even added a triathlon to the list.

My answer is always the same: No way, Mitch. Now, don’t get me wrong – I think these events are great, however for me personally, even though I am a fit guy,  I just don’t enjoy running long distances. that’s not a knock on endurance training.

After his latest request I hit facebook and posted the convo, my status was  “My friend Mitch isn’t getting the hint that I’m not into endurance training”. Shortly after I posted it, a friend left his comment saying that he didn’t  think I was the type to back away from a challenge.

I couldn’t help but think how this  “tough it out” attitude is so common in the culture of health and fitness. No pain – no gain. Well I think this is wrong.

Sure I admit…. pursuing a goal won’t always be easy, however you got to be interested in the goal – that is what will keep you motivated – and without motivation you got no goal

I believe if you try to force a goal onto yourself that you are not interested in then you are bound for a  path to failure and burnout. That’s why I’ve stopped doing crap I hate. It’s futile and unncecessary, and why should I waste my time “toughing it out” on something that I find uninteresting. I like to “tough it out” on something that I actually enjoy.

So my point is, when you are approaching your fitness goals – think about your strengths and choose something that you love to do. If you like lifting, then enter a body sculpting comp whereas if you enjoy sports, join a local football team. Doing something you’re interested in is the secret to long term fitness and health, because contrary to popular opinion, there are no rules against enjoying your training.