How to Keep Your Woman Interested

bed-man-womanYour relationship started out hot and heavy but now your girlfriend’s attention seems to be elsewhere and her interest is fading. Does that sound familiar? Or would you like to avoid that situation completely?

These may seem like obvious tips to keep her interested but I offer my own thoughts too!

Here are some tips on keeping your girlfriend interested.

  1. Pay attention to her! It’s simple: if you want her attention, give her yours. You did this when you first started dating; don’t stop just because you’ve been together for awhile.
  2. Make her laugh. Frequent laughter increases overall happiness; making her laugh will make her more satisfied and comfortable in the relationship.
  3. Give her honest compliments. Don’t say anything you don’t mean; she’ll likely be able to tell if you’re not genuine. But honest compliments will let her know that you find her attractive and endearing, and will draw her closer to you.
  4. Always be respectful, and not just to her but everyone around you. There is nothing as unattractive as a disrespectful person, and regaining her interest after you’ve acted disrespectfully will be next to impossible.
  5. Don’t smother her with attention. If you insist on being around your girlfriend all of the time, she will eventually get tired of you. Give her plenty of space and time to miss you. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
  6. Focus on your emotional and mental relationship as much as the physical. Showing her that you’re interested in more than her body will deepen your bonds and keep her invested in the relationship.
  7. Spoil her with random gifts and thoughtful gestures. Buy her flowers, surprise her with sexy lingerie and blow her mind with body erupting orgasms.