How to Set Up an Online Profile that Gets Results

man-in-bed-laptopSo your thinking of finding love online? Millions of people around the world have found love through online dating. Why not give it a burl yourself?

Your profile will be your most important tool in finding true love; potential matches will base their decision on whether or not to contact you on your profile. Here are some tips on making it fantastic.

  1. Before you set up your profile sit down and consider what you’re specifically looking for in a partner. Do you want a long term commitment or just a causal relationship? Is it important that your partner share your religious beliefs? Answering these questions will not only help you with your profile, but it will also help narrow down which dating sites to put your profile on.
  2. Make a list of all of the characteristics that make you who you are. If you are having trouble with this step, ask some of your friends to describe you in just a few words. Short, accurate descriptions will help find your perfect match.
  3. Make a list of qualities you must have in a partner, and qualities that are deal breakers for you. Being clear about what you want will keep you from wasting your time on someone who’s not right for you.
  4. Pick out an attractive picture. A clear, causal head shot is usually the best option.
  5. Do NOT lie. Lying on your profile will only lead to disappointment; your match will eventually learn the truth, and the lie could destroy the relationship.