Invest In Good Quality Lube

downloadWhen I buy anything I like to buy it in bulk if possible. Open up my cupboards and you’ll find rows of toilet paper and multiple boxes of the same cereal. There’s no point in buying small amounts at high prices, especially when it’s something I use a lot of and I can buy it cheaper in a large quantity. And a good lube is definitely one of those products I can save money with buying in bulk.

I love the Pjur Original lube, and with good reason. It’s a silky, smooth formula, and when I use it I find a tiny little bit of it goes an incredibly long way. I rarely need to reapply, and it never feels greasy or sticky. Plus it never stains my sheets or couch, and since my few toys aren’t made of silicone, it’s safe to use for them too. And just as important, it’s safe for use with condoms, so I don’t have to rely on the lube that comes with them.

That being said, I like to make sure that I always have some good lube on hand because I despise the garbage they sell at the pharmacy. Now it may seem like a lot of money, but for just over $100 I can get 500 mL of the Pjur Original and that is going to last me an extremely long time. I’ve spend a lot of money on sex toys, and when I play with a toy or with a woman I like to make sure that it feels as good as possible, and the Pjur Original lube lets me do that.