Learn to Love the Glove

lovegloveIt is common knowledge that men have a  love/hate relationship with their condoms. On one hand condoms are essential for protecting yourself against nasty STD’s and on the other hand they are thought to numb the pleasure.

Then there is the awkward moment and loss of intimacy when you have to unwrap one of the suckers. However there are savvy ways to put on a jimmy that will be less cumbersome. Here are the top three.

Size Yourself: The wrong size can not only be uncomfortable, if it is too tight it is more than likely to break. Then on the flip side if it is too loose, it won’t stay put. The key to a good fit is to buy something that feels snug. Buy a couple of sizes and test them during masturbation. It’s like trying on jeans, you know instantly which one feels right.

Shop for two:  When shopping for the perfect condom don’t forget to consider what women need in a condom. For guys fit and feel is generally the focus and priority however for most women it is lubrication.  Avoid condoms with spermicidal lubricants, as they can irritate vaginal tissues, and as a back up always keep a tube of water-based lube on hand.

Have dress rehearsals: Practice, practice, practice is the key. In the heat of the moment when you are fumbling over putting on a condom, the pressure can lead to mistakes and a wilting erection. Get in the habit of dressing your pride and joy during private sessions of masturbation – you can experiment in privacy  and master the skill.

Tip: always have condoms on hand, there is nothing worse when you have to duck down to the corner seven-eleven during the heat of the moment. You can buy online and have them delivered to your door.