Sex – how to guide

8440844204_5912d154df_zJust using my own personal life experience and stories I’ve heard from friends or read, there seems to be quite a bit of sexual misconceptions out there.

It seems like for Men, we think that sex is going to be like a porno. The woman is going to be in a miniskirt and no panties delivering a package for fedex, she’s going to see me and instantly go to sucking my dick, and then letting me put it wherever I want it and letting me finish on her face.

And on the contrary:

It seems like for Women, they think that sex is going to be like watching the Bachelor, where they are with some super hot guy on an exotic Island- all expense paid trip and the sun is setting on the ocean and all of the sudden all these tiki torches are lit and there is a cabana overlooking some tropical waterfall and the super hot guy is telling them how much better they are than every other woman. They picture super slow cuddling and lots of snuggling and kissing and the next morning they  have to tell their sister and mom and all their friends.

So what actually happens is dudes expect the porno thing, and chicks expect the bachelor thing and neither thing happens. It’s like a lame combination of the two. Manage expectations and be sympathetic to your sex partners needs.

Dudes, get romantic every once in a while. Light some candles, play some soft music, make your lady feel like a Goddess – maybe even treat her to some sexy lingerie. Chicks, let your guy go hammer time on you sometimes. If you look at him sweetly and you say “kiss me” and he says “nope, flip over lets go to pound town” don’t get angry, just realize he has different notions than you do. By helping each other out you guys might even get some added enjoyment.