Top 4 Tips to Make Her Come/Cum


In comparison to men, women take longer time to peak. This is the precise reason why men should allow their female partners to orgasm before their own. While some men completely neglect the sexual needs of their partners, others try a little too hard. In this short article, I will provide you with 4 most important tips to help you make your partner climax just when you want!

These two videos were great idea-starters for me

  1. Give her time – Unlike men, women require a certain amount of time to get turned on for the act. A woman must be aroused properly before indulging in sexual intercourse. Court her, tease her and get her into the mood of having sex with you. You’ll know she is ready when she is all wet down there!
  2. Practice clitoral and vaginal stimulation – Vaginal stimulation can be done by either penile penetration or with fingers. To stimulate the clitoris, you can employ either your fingers or tongue. Adopt a double pronged approach, by penetrating her with penis and simultaneously rubbing her clitoris; this will deliver very quick results! Furthermore, increasing the pace along with rapid strokes and thrusts will also help.
  3. Listen to her – Women know their bodies and know exactly how they want to be touched. Communicate with her and ask her every now and then whether what you are doing is feeling good or not. Work her boobs, play around with her thighs…..the options are limitless!
  4. Make use of sex toys