What Men Want

intimate-couple-in-the-bedroomAs a sexually active (relatively normal) man here is a list of things I like women to do before, during, and after sex.


  1. Initiate sex. Very few things are as sexy as you telling me that you want my penis inside of you. You can tell me with words or actions, but initiation is super hot.
  2. Be confident about your body. If you don’t love yourself it’s going to be hard for you to love me. If you’re big or small don’t worry about it. The more confident you are the more your man will dig it.
  3. Use your mouth. Kissing and licking is very sexy. Use your mouth all over my body, oral sex is the favorite foreplay action for most guys.
  4. Tell me whether or not you want me to use my mouth. Some girls are wary about guys going down on them. Some girls require it before sex. Please let me know up front. It can be as easy as “Hey I’ll go down on you for 5 if you go down on me for 5” or “Don’t worry about going down on me, it’s not my thing.”
  5. If they rhythm isn’t working for you, let me know. Say I’m tired or had a long day and I’m just slowly moving when you need it fast. Tell me. Or maybe I’m all hyped up on mountain dew and you’re looking for something slower. Communicate your needs well and I’ll be happy to help you out.