Why Even the Greatest Pickup Lines Don’t Work Sometimes?!

man-thinking-about-sexIf you’re a regular at clubs and bars, you may have tried using pickup lines at some point of time. It has been my personal experience that pickup lines rarely deliver and mostly make guys come across as insincere or jerks.

Women hate the idea of getting picked up by popular lines. They just want to hang out with someone they can have a good time with. You can’t expect a woman to tear off her clothes and jump into bed with you just because you delivered a great dialogue! Lines are sometimes good when they are used as icebreakers for initiating conversations, but it all depends on how you say them.

There are effective alternatives too that can help you score women. The first and foremost is your ability to exude confidence. Your body language says a lot about you and gets immediately noticed by women. Women love to be hit on and like getting dressed up with the secret hope of some man coming up to them and trying to woo them. This is because it makes them feel desirable and beautiful. But many guys feel apprehensive about going up to women and talking to them due to their shyness. This is a big mistake.

There is nothing denying the fact that some pickup lines are indeed cute and can work as excellent icebreakers. However, it has a lot to do with how those lines are delivered. If you have to use pickup lines, make sure that you use them with the intention of complementing the girl and without looking like a pervert.