Internal work on yourself to make your life fulfilling

Many people are suffering because they find their lives unbearable or just not satisfying. Something is constantly making us feel thus miserable and it is so difficult to understand what it is. It turns out, we can take several easy and effective steps that will help us get out of this pattern.

Leave past in the past

One of the major sources of anxiety in our life is the thought about our past. It is so natural for us to get back to the past and relive its emotions. This seems so natural but it can be rather disturbing and harmful for enjoying our everyday life.

If the past memories are rather negative, they will obviously cause you suffering in the real time. At the same time, even some positive memories can make you feel rather sentimental and nostalgic driving you into melancholy and sadness about the things that are no longer there.

Do not rush into the future

One more significant source of anxiety is our future. Again, it also seems natural as we do not know what is going to happen and we tend to wonder about it. While it is natural, the problem is that even when we do not expect anything bad to happen, the mere lack of knowledge about our future is already enough to make us worry about it since we are biologically wired to see the unknown as something that can contain dangers for us. That is why quite often we are prone to visualise our future a way worse than it really turns out to be.

What can you do about it?

One of the most effective ways out of this vicious circle is practising mindfulness that will help you to stay present in reality. No matter how difficult it is to accept, neither our past nor our future is our reality. Real are only the things happening right now.

To experience it, you should refocus on your body and the things surrounding you right now. You might be sitting on a coach having a coffee and reading this article. Try to feel the maximum sensations you have right now and think about whether this moment is actually enjoyable to you. Even if you are all so anxious about something unpleasant that might happen in the future or about something that has already happened, you can still feel good about the comfort you are experiencing right now. That is what you should hold on and feel gratitude for. The more aware of such things you become, the more fulfilling your life will be for you even if nothing really improves in it. It is enough your attitude to it will improve.

You can use meditation techniques to learn what awareness and mindfulness exactly are. The process might not be thus simple, but it is worth it.