How can you take another person about what you would like to get as a present?

Asking for a present you really would like to get might not be as a bad idea as many people believe. Certainly, there is popular belief that a person has to be grateful for anything he or she gets, but what is the point in making oneself feel grateful if it does not come genuinely. Additionally, the person who is giving you a present, in all likelihood will be able to sense you are pretending as well. Definitely, it will be unfair to behave like that especially if this person was genuinely trying to buy you something which will make you happy.

By the way, many people actually would prefer to be informed about the wishes of the person for whom these presents are bought. This helps to save time and energy and also gives some guarantee of the joy such a present will bring to the receiver.

Still, many people would feel uncomfortable to speak about their wishes. This article will give you several possible ways you can use.

Creating a wish-list

Some people add a wish-list to the invitation to a party dedicated to the holidays which include the traditional of giving presents. If you are not particular happy about such an option, you can create a wish-list and keep it on your accounts on social services so that the majority of your friends will be able to see it.

A wish-list is a list of all of the things you would like to get. A great idea will also be adding more features to the items you would like to receive. Including photos and even suggestions about the places where they can be purchased can also be included. Finally, you might also add a possibility for making reservations of presents on the wish-list so that other people will know that someone is already looking for a particular present for you.

A confident person

If there is a person who knows most of your friends and relatives, you can ask him or her to pass the information on your preferences to the people who are going to give you a present. It may also look as if they are getting a chance to give you a surprise, even though in the reality you will know what such a confident person has told these people about your wishes.

A money present

Although it might appear that receiving money instead of a particular item seems like not a real present because another person did not spend any time looking for something you would like and generally used a real shortcut, in the reality receiving money will allow you to use it in any way you prefer purchasing exactly what you want instead of receiving a present which you do not necessarily like.

Receiving money from all of the people who planned to give you a present can give you an amount of money sufficient for purchasing something more expensive you have dreamed about.

Sharing your wishes in an indirect way

This recommendation might work for the closest people, however, there is no absolute guarantee it will happen like you hope so it is better not to expect anything in order to avoid disappointment. Still, if another person tends to listen carefully to your words most of the time, it is quite possible he or she will take a mental note when you will mention some item you have always wanted to have especially if you deliberate on the topic for some time speaking about the possibilities for purchasing it.

What should you take into consideration while asking others about a present?

Needless to say, there are two major things to consider which are the availability of a particular item and its price. It is certainly better to include presents on your wish-list which can be found without any major complications. At the same time, it is sensible to add a variety of items of various material value on the list so that people will be able to choose the one according to their financial abilities. Still it does not mean you should completely resign from any more expensive gifts since many people also prefer purchasing one single present from everyone. In such a case, there is a high probability they will cooperate and get something more expensive. Yet, this will work for a wish-list while telling a single person about one expensive present might put both this person and you into an uncomfortable position.