How can your living conditions affect a reproductive system and pregnancy?

You might think this article will tell you about the negative effect of living in poor household conditions. Indeed, there are some things which can be bad for your health and for the health of the pregnancy. For example, a cold temperature inside and mould. Yet, it turns out that modern luxurious houses can be even more dangerous for your health.

The interior design

First of all, modern furniture, decorative items and other product made for interior design include a large amount of chemical products the majority of which are dangerous for health. Unfortunately, they are constantly evaporating contaminating the air at home. Even if you decide to make the interior of your home completely of natural materials, they will still be impregnated with harsh chemicals, for example, wooden surfaces.

Containers used at home

It is recommended to avoid plastic packages for nutritional products as much as you can and certainly avoid using them with hot products. Plastic containers are filled with various chemical substances used as solvents, stabilisers, colorants and plasticisers for the production of plastic goods. All of these substances are gradually released into the air while high temperatures are making the process more rapid.

Note that food or drinks in plastic packages should never be left under direct sun rays as it can destroy their structure and release all the chemical substances even in larger amounts.

The chemicals used for cleaning

All of the harsh chemicals used for cleaning your house are dangerous for the reproductive system. Do not fool yourself believing that rubber gloves will protect you from potent chemical substances. Even if somehow your gloves are extremely resistant to chemical which is a rather rare case, you are still exposed to inhalation of such products which is itself enough to get inside your body.

Beauty products and beauty procedures

Fortunately, more and more people are aware of the possibility of adding some dangerous substances into their bodies with beauty products. The majority of modern manufacturers of beauty products are trying to switch to less harsh and more natural substances and many people are now conscious of the importance of such products and are making healthier choices.

Yet, there are still many products which will have a negative impact on health. For example, gel manicure is one of such beauty procedures. Many women do not resign from it even during their pregnancy whereas gel nail polish and the substances used for its removal are harsh for both human health and the natural environment.

Some of the household equipment

There are also other items which can be found in some homes which are potentially bad for the health of the reproductive system especially when it comes to men. For example, toilet seats with a function of warming up as well as sauna can significantly slow down sperm cells and even destroy them. These cells are more active in low temperature.

How can you protect your reproductive health or pregnancy?

Certainly, it is difficult to resign from many things we have today. Yet, you can at least avoid plastic packages for food and beverages as much as possible and resign from various beauty products and beauty procedures based on harsh chemicals at least for the time of planning a pregnancy or for the pregnancy period.

When it comes to cleaning products, there are many more environmentally-friendly alternatives which you can successfully use for cleaning your home. In order to minimise the exposure to the chemicals released from the furniture and other objects at home it is recommended to open the windows and let fresh air in regularly.