Pathological liars and instant bad vibe people

Today, we are going to talk about something that hardly ever taught in, all likelihood, you have never been taught about, but it is quite possible, you have come across in the real life. Whether you are a businessman  or businesswoman, a student or an employee of any other profession, identifying people in time can save you a lot from getting hurt, swindled or harmed in any other ways that may bring your whole world down even if it is for a period of time. So, let’s sit back and go through some common patterns to look for if you are meeting someone new or for understanding better those who are already surrounding you.

Pathological Liars

Lying is one of the most natural things we are all doing as humans, be it to save ourselves from any types of nuisances or trouble taking place in a relationship. It can vary from making up stories for your boss when you are late to getting busted by your parents set time limit for how long you are allowed to stay out. This does not seem as anything serious and such a behaviour does not necessarily identifies us as pathological liars. Still, this can be also an indication of lying pathologically. So, what or who is a pathological liar?

Pathological liars are a completely different type of liars than the non-pathological liars. Pathological liars are someone, generally, who lies for no apparent reason. You will often find no obvious motive behind their lies. In fact, they may not know why they are doing it, they just do it.

Actually, this does not always mean such people are having some malignant goals which they are trying to fulfil through their obsessive lying. Still, you might sense some deliberate underlying reason behind his or her motives which might be a danger to you or other people. Just try to deal with them with a different and compassionate approach first and point them out in case they are not aware of their actions.

Instant bad vibe people

You will often meet people that you feel more hesitant than any others not because of their appearance but more of their presence. This presence can give you a gut feeling of something is quite not right about this person. Again, try not to mix up it with people with mental health issues. These are regular people with such a vibe hanging around them. What could it be it is very subjective, yet, the next time you come across someone that give you lot of bad vibe, it’s time to put a red flag on them and keep your safe distance.

According to medical and spiritual practitioners, people are a vortex of energy centres.  If someone comes around with a good vibe, he or she will leave a residue of a good vibe swirling inside you. The same is true for malignant people but it is working in the reverse way. They will often leave you drained and with a bad vortex of memories and air.

There are more than just these four points but keeping an eye out for these will save your mental and in some case, physical health as well.