Everything you should know about friends in disguise

We live in the world of globalization and this is no surprise that in this modern times, having sharp social skills often comes in so handy in dealing with the real world. We have got past the school, college and degrees and, yet, there are lot of things in this world that is just impossible to teach and expect to teach everything in our academic years. One of the aspects left without attention is distinguishing enemies from friends.

This is virtually impossible to say that professionals have found out every single sign to detect a malignant person but there are some common red flag signs you will often relate to them which are pretty apparent in such people.

Who are friends in disguise?

These people can come out as absolutely amiable as the first impression. Things are not the same as the time goes by and there is something that feels not so right about that person anymore.It seems as if they have just changed over a cup of tea. These people will also have more enemies than friends. They will often mask their true face when they are out and socializing. This mask is generally used to gain something out of the social situations. They are going around with a false sense of self identity to exploit someone for something.


This point is a clearly red flag for you if you ever come across any of such people described here. These people are often using various of their personal skills to deviously exploit your emotions and try to gain control over you.

It can be an emotional trick such as, “No one loves me”, “You do not care” or other forms of phrases that directly invoke your human feelings of compassion and will slowly build up their way up to the point when they will just simply begin to control you. Yet, do not mistake these points with the friends, family or acquaintances who may actually be in the state of a need for care or suffering some form of a heavy mental issue. This is for you to find out for an accurate distinction. One of the thing you will notice in manipulators is that they will not stop using these tactics to let you feel down until their motive has succeeded.

People helping others in order to benefit from them

This is often goes like a behind-the-scene factor but the sooner you develop the skill to identify people and especially this particular aspect, the better it will be for your private and social life. Malignant people are often the sweet talkers, albeit they are not sales consultants.

Those are just selling you something, who will often flatter you in order to gain something out of you. What exactly could it be? It could be as simple as coming on with an approach of help and a subsequent series of sweet talk that leads to the end with some form of favour they would be asking because they helped you out.