Be careful about beauty procedures promoted on TikTok

Social media are a powerful tool for spreading information. Here you can have so many recommendations that it might be rather challenging to distinguish the things you really need from what can harm you.

TikTok has a particularly large amount of guidelines for skincare including opinions of real experts of cosmetology as well as various home rituals. Unfortunately, while there is quite a lot of useful information, there is also a lot of potentially harmful pieces of advice that can cause serious harm.

This article will show you certain things you should pay your attention to using TikTok as a source of information on skincare.

Popular videos do not mean they are trustworthy

Just like it is true with any other sources of information on the Internet, they can be unreliable. Yet, when you see how many people have watched a video or liked it, you might develop a false impression of the person who has published this material being competent in the topic.

As a result, you might be willing to try something that will not only not work, but also lead to serious consequences that might be difficult to fix.

Complex procedures at home

The general trend of TikTok videos creates the impression that even some of the complex beauty procedures can be carried out at home with proper preparation. This is a very dangerous illusion that might push you to poor decisions get you into serious trouble. For example, there are more and more cases of people being hospitalised with infections caused by microneedling performed without any professional assistance.

Exaggerated and filtered images

There is no secret in the wide usage of filters and lighting effects in videos and photos and TikTok is not an example. Indeed, many people still believe video are more difficult to be modified and beautified, however, it is no longer true and you do not have to be any expert of visual effects to make your TikTok videos look a way better than they are in reality.

The result is again obvious, you are risking to get a false impression out of someone’s video.

Do not let others trick you

Video advertising made through informative material published by social media influencers is always perceived a way better than traditional advertisements. Still, their aim is the same, so there is nothing surprising if you come across things that look unnaturally good. If it is difficult for you to believe something can have thus great effects in real life, in all likelihood, it will indeed not have them.

Some of the recent dangerous beauty trends

The most dangerous trends that have recently become popular on TikTok include performing microneedling at home as well as microneedling for a semi-permanent makeup effect. Other common ideas are countering achieved with a sunscreen product and vacuum skin cleansing procedures.