Microneedling at home and SPF countering – are they worth it?

We have already discussed the modern trends for skincare set by social media influencers which might be rather dangerous. This time, we would like to discuss such popular procedures as SPF countering as well as microneedling performed at home.

Microneedling procedures at home

Microneedling is an appealing beauty procedure promising many people younger skin as it uses small needles for getting into the deep layers of skin and feeling them with collagen.

More and more people would like to try microneedling and, in order to save some money on this effective procedure, they decide to invest into the microneedling device and perform such procedures at home. Going to TikTok can show many videos that are proving how easy it can be to perform such a procedure at home.

According to the experts of cosmetology, there is absolutely no point in risking like that since microneedling performed at home cannot be effective. The reason for is the difference in the devices used at home and in the professional beauty clinics. For instance, professional devices can get deeper inside the skin and do it less painfully. At the same time, it is difficult to make proper sterilisation of this device at home and the risk of getting infections is extremely high. Unfortunately, that is exactly what is happening to many people experimenting like that with their skin.

Another crucial aspect of professional microneedling is an examination that is carried out by cosmetologists before the procedure in order to make sure a patient does not have any health conditions that can aggravate the health of the skin by microneedling. For example, a professional can notice an infected area and refrain from the procedure, otherwise it will be spread all around the face and even reach eyes.

Furthermore, some people even started using microneedling to apply long-lasting makeup. This is nothing similar to the real permanent makeup as it is using the device that have not been earmarked for that purpose and it also uses regular cosmetics instead of special inks used for tattoos. This can cause serious inflammation and infections in skin. There are also cases of causing bleeding because of too deep needling. Furthermore, inappropriate usage of such devices can lead to skin discoloration and scars.

SPF countering

Another very disturbing trend many people have adopted into their beauty routine with the help of viral TikTok videos is SPF countering.

This method is aiming to create a long-lasting effect of countering through strategic placement of sunscreen products in certain places so that only certain parts of a face will get suntanned. In such a way, it is possible to create visual effects of face sculpturing which will last for a longer time.

Although this method might appear appealing to certain individuals, it is a rather bad idea to use it as it misuses such an important protective product as sunscreen. It is obvious the areas on the face that have not been covered with sunscreen will be exposed to the sun and, especially, taking into consideration the fact individuals applying this method are deliberately sunbathing in order to create this desirable effect, they are putting unprotected parts of their skin to too much danger.

In such a way, delicate skin on the face can be easily burnt and get more susceptible to wrinkles and skin cancer.