Dangerous trends for skincare you should be aware of

We have already discussed the general risks of referring to social medias for information regarding your health and well being. Actually, you should know that the latest versions of the Google algorithm have been developed in such a way as to minimise visibility of the results retrieved by search engines that are related to undefined sources. Now, if a person wants to run a blog about health, nutrition or beauty, one has to somehow prove trustworthiness to Google.

Yet, social platforms have not got such a differentiation and you can come across a lot of controversial information.

This article is comprising some of the very popular beauty trends of TikTok that are actually dangerous for your health.

Vacuum skin cleaning

Vacuum skin cleaning is a procedure performed by professionals in beauty clinics. When it is done in such a way, it can clean skin in a pretty delicate way, making it very fresh. Yet, the devices used by professionals are pretty advanced and can be adjusted to different types of skin.

Unfortunately, equipment available for home usage cannot be regulated thus well and can lead to an entire range of serious problems and especially, to permanent capillary damage.

Homemade injections

Many individuals aiming to save money on beauty procedures are going to the extent of performing injections at home, which is also extremely dangerous.

Actually, injections require knowledge about facial anatomy, especially the location of nerves and blood vessels under the skin. One of the major dangers of such home procedures is making an injection in the inappropriate parts of a face where they can clog blood vessels or damager nerves. Clogging blood vessels can have extremely serious consequences including tissue necrosis and blindness. This is particularly typical for hyaluronic acid injections.

Besides all of these problems, it is also possible to get infections through the skin injuries made with needles.

Beauty spot removal

Perhaps, one of the most dangerous procedures modern people have learnt doing without any medical assistance at home is beauty spot removal.

One of the most crucial things everyone should know about removing beauty spots at home like that is the fact it is impossible to understand whether they have a benign or malignant nature. This can only be done by a medical professional who can perform biopsy of the tissue.

In addition to it, beauty spot removal can trigger skin cancer.

Multiple-step beauty procedures

Multi-step beauty procedures are becoming more and more popular. They might have a sense to a certain extent since most of people indeed need cleaning products as well as cream. Even using one product per each of these two steps will make this ritual multistep.

Yet, if you have ever watched video blogs of various influencers, especially the ones advertising beauty products, you have certainly noticed some of them are using even ten different products in the morning and ten other products before going to bed. Some of them also have certain products to use during the day.

It is not difficult to imagine how much will it cost to collect all of the necessary products and how much time will it take to perform such rituals.

While it might not be necessarily harmful for your health, it will definitely be harmful for your budget and your well-being as you will spend a half of your wakening hours on applying various cosmetics. Furthermore, many people can simply become discouraged by such complex procedures and resign from taking care of their skin in the first place.