Popular myths about romantic relationships which disrupt relations

Unfortunately, there is an entire variety of false believes about romantic relationships which seem sensible to many people, however, in the reality they are threatening the harmony and happiness of both of the partners. It is crucial to learn about them as soon as possible so that you will not allow any of these myths to destroy your relationship.

A partner will get adjusted to the model of a family you prefer

Certainly, everyone was born in a family with a particular system. Some of them are more satisfying for the partners whereas others can make them suffer. It is not even because one system is better than another one, it is just because different people have different needs and while one person might feel happy about a chance of staying at home and spending days with children, another person will prefer working even if the job is not necessarily rewarding.

Unfortunately, many people if not the majority of them, are heavily programmed by the patterns of a family they observed in their childhood. Some of these people are happy about the family style their parents used and they are happy about using it in their own relationship. Other people might have never even analysed it and are just longing for the same family style out of a habit and programming. Finally, there are even such individuals who genuinely do not like the way their family looked in their childhood, but they are still unconsciously trying to recreate it in their own relationship.

As you can imagine, another partner has his or her own vision of the family and it is not necessarily the same. Certainly, a person can always try to find a partner with the same family values, however, for both people it might be better to get out of the styles there are so adjusted to and try to search for new options which will satisfy the needs of both of them. What is definitely a great mistake is expecting that another person will just get adjusted to the needs of another one just because another one believes they are the most sensible. This can destroy even a potentially happy relationship.

Partners have to spend all of their free time together

This false belief is also one of the major mistakes made by people in relationships. Of course, the time spent together is very important for the intimate relations, yet, in the majority of situations both of the partners have their own interests. Of course, one of the partners can try this activity as well as it might happen he or she will enjoy it as well and the couple will be able to share common interests. This will be really great under the condition another one is doing it out of sheer interest rather than out of urge to stay with one’s partner all the time.

Still, in the majority of situations people prefer object to the interests of another one rather than trying to explore them together. As a result, partners can lose their hobbies and not find any other common hobbies. Now, they are just spending time in front of TV while their common activities are limited to food.

For that reason, if it is impossible for a person to get hacked by the hobby of his or her partner, there is no need to worry about that and react in a negative way. Some time apart from each other will not do any harm to the relationship especially if this allow partners to grow and spend time on their favourite activities. There is no value in spending all of the time together while wishing of having a chance to do something else during this time.

A harmonious relationship is free from conflicts and arguments

Actually, it is easy to imagine how people who are in a really harmonious relationship never argue with each other. These people understand each other perfectly and they never even raise a voice at each other.

In the reality, this a very false vision of a happy relationship. In happy relationships, people also fight with each other and can get into rather serious arguments with yelling and calling each other names. Yet, what makes such a relationship different from an unhappy one is that people realise their mistakes and are trying to work on them, they can ask for forgiveness and they can forgive each other and they are certainly doing their best in order not to quarrel over the same things.