Why alcohol is not good for the beauty?

One of the popular pieces of advice mixing health, beauty and alcohol altogether is the daily consumption of a small amount of red wine which is rich in antioxidants and other nutritional products supporting the healthy condition of skin. Unfortunately, many people forget about the fact this is true only for small amount of alcohol which is actually even less than a glass of wine daily. Otherwise, the positive effects of wine consumption can easily become a health problem because of all of the consumed alcohol.

It is crucial to understand that alcohol is not good not just for the health but also for one’s beauty. Some of the changes which can take place in the body are particularly unpleasant and they can actually be the symptoms of a development of alcohol abuse.

What happens to the skin of a person consuming too much of alcohol?

As it has been just mentioned, wine can be helpful for skin only in very small amounts. Actually, there are other sources of antioxidants and vitamin C which are helpful for the skin, so one does not have to necessarily drink wine everyday as a food supplement.

First of all, the skin of a person drinking too much alcohol is actively losing water which is crucial for keeping an appropriate level of elasticity. This can be noticed in various ways including the enlargement of pores which is actually typical for an oily type of skin as well as the change of the facial features. Since the skin becomes less elastic, it is more prone to stretching. This can happen in the areas of cheekbones which can become more visible while the area beneath the chinbone can be less defined because of the hanging skin.

Another popular problem of people consuming too much alcohol is permanent redness on the face as well as visible nets of capillaries. This happens because of the damage induced by the change of the blood thickness caused by alcohol. Blood becomes thicker for various reasons and the loss of water which has already been mentioned is one of the factors contributing to the problem. When the blood is thick it can cause the rupture of capillaries making the skin look permanently red.

Increased weight gain

Of you are concerned about your weight trying to keep your ideal body mass or you are doing your best to lose weight, you should be particularly careful with alcohol even when it is consumed in moderate amounts.

The most obvious reason for such a recommendation is the amount of calories which can be found in alcohol. Actually, it does not matter what kind of alcohol you prefer as it is still rich in calories. Certainly, various sweet liquors are pretty caloric due to the carbohydrates present there. Even though beer does not seem thus sweet and the majority of its types do not have any added sugar, this drink has a great amount of naturally present sugars which makes its overall caloric value as high as the value of white bread. Thus, 100 g of bread made of white flour has around 240 kcal which is the same for a bottle of beer of 0.5 l volume.

It is easy to estimate how much calories will be consumed just by drinking alcohol. By the way, strong spirits are rich in calories as well. Even though vodka does not have spare sugars in it, its carbohydrates are coming from the alcohol itself which is highly caloric. Do not forget that alcohol is also sued as a biofuel which is the best proof of its high caloric value.

Unfortunately, this is not the end of the possibility of alcohol to add extra weight to an organism. Alcohol also stimulates the parts of the brain responsible for the feeling of hunger. As a result, people tend to eat a lot more they would without drinking alcohol.

In addition to it, do not forget about all of the negative effects of alcohol on pancreas and liver which make the metabolic process of the body rather unbalanced.