Progressive relaxation technique

Whether you are trying meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection or any other mind-full experience, having to go through various techniques of relaxation technique that suits you is not anything unfamiliar to you then. If you have practiced some form of relaxation technique, you must have known how it leaves you with a profound feeling of relaxation and sheer blissful state. No matter which purpose you are looking for to relax your body and mind. This exercise below will help you tremendously to keep you calm and relaxed.

Pick a place for relaxation

Today we are going to look into one of the prominent technique of relaxation. This is called the progressive relaxation technique.

As the name suggests you will have to progressively advance to relax your body.

Pick a spot where you won’t be disturbed  for the next few minutes and lie down on a firm surface. If you have a trouble lying down for any reason, you can go ahead and sit on a comfortable chair. Being comfortable is important here.

Keep a track of your breathing pattern

Next thing you want to do is to relax and take a deep breath.

Pay attention to your breathing. Gently inhale and exhale and gradually take it deeper. As you do so, maintain inhalation for 5 seconds or more depending on your choice, and exhalation 7 seconds or more depending on how much air you have. Keep at this breathing exercise for a while.

A session of progressive tension and relaxation

Then you will perform a progressive tension and relaxation on each part of your body. While the session is done you should pay attention to your hand. Start by your dominating hand and bend it backward as if you are trying to reach to your forearm.

Hold it like that for about 5 seconds and, as you feel the tension in the muscles and bone, release it. Take a good notice of the differences. Then do it again. Now leave your hand for 20 to 30 seconds and stay one with your deep breathing. Now go ahead and repeat this process on the other hand. Perform and wait exactly as you have done with your other hand. Now progress to each major points of your body and perform it in the tense-relax- tense-relax sequence and take a pause in between.

Forearms to your upper arms, shoulders, forehead, chin, jaw, neck, shoulder and again, back, buttocks, legs and feet.

Make sure to pause in between each parts.

Lay down in a deeper relaxation state

When you are done performing on all of your major body parts, lay there with a deep sense of relaxation. Then scan your body from top to bottom, bottom to top for any parts that may hold any tension. If any such part of the body is detected holding tension, perform the exercise on those part again until you are in a deep relaxation and yet fully awake and not asleep.

If you do this often or at least regularly, you will soon reach a state resembling a state of nirvana. In case if you want to use it for something bigger as lucid dream, astral projection, remote view or any other purpose, this will prepare you for any of those state and those state can be achieved twice the faster with this relaxation technique.