Stay in a control of your thoughts

We are all have been taught to stay sharp, advised to stay focus and keep a track of your train of thoughts, but hardly anybody can be clear about what they are really talking about. Most of these recommendations are targeting kids and the people giving them are school teachers, parents, guardian figures or a well-wishers.

Unfortunately, such a great piece of advice is usually useless as the way we are taught to stay in control of our thoughts is usually lacking all the proper guidance. Here you will find how you can make use of it.

Why should staying sharp be of a high priority for you?

This is very sad not be able to apply the tips for your mental development since such a skill as staying focused, remembering things that matter and avoiding things that do not matter can have a significant impact on your performance level and the quality of life in general. We all want to stay top at our games but it is extremely difficult for us to get there mostly because of a lack of guidance or an overwhelming flood of guidance which also sometimes happens. It is simply impossible to see what to stick to.

You will experiencing various thoughts and some of them will be rather intrusive especially the ones you do not like, however, it is up to you whether you will be able to respond to them in a neutral way or you will make yourself feel miserable because of them.

Adopt an experimental mindset

The best approach to this problem could be having an experimental mindset. People with this kind of mindset are prone to perform better in various sectors than those who cannot call themselves experimentators.

Good news is this mindset can be developed. Whenever a new piece of information has reached you, try to find two to three of the same news and try all three of them. Doing it for 30 days will yield the results of the experiment. You can keep an app or a journal to keep a track and write down about your findings.

Without giving it thus much of time jumping to the conclusion will not be so effective since it takes around 30 days to build just a habit of doing anything. Which is to say leaving it up to motor cortex inside your brain, part of which is responsible for the movements of your hands, legs, tongue as well as many other function which are performed automatically. To register something to leave it up to motor cortex you to repeat the same action for at least 30 days without a break.